I had an amazing session with Margie on November 12, 2018. This was something that I wasn’t expecting but was so necessary. I can in with a migraine headache, cramps in my feet, overuse of my hands from typing and pelvic spasms. During my session, I experienced relaxed breathing, with a wonderful ambiance and delightful music that put my mind at ease. By the time she finished removing the negative energy from my head, I felt the interesting tingling sensation that moved from my neck to my head and removed a migraine and stress in that part of my body. Then with the sound bowls, she proceeded to remove the stress and tension from my hand’s feet and pelvis. I was overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiasm as I was able to feel as if I gained back 10 years of my life. I already gave out her card to all of my friends and informed them that they need to go see Margie and then they will have an opportunity to be able to release the stress and anxiety that surrounds and comes into our daily lives. I can’t wait to go back next month for my next session.

Katrina M.

I experienced my first session with Margie on November 12, 2018. I can honestly say that it exceeded all of my expectations! The ambiance and aurora were very prevalent and set the tone for the session. However, those good vibrations pale in comparison to the healing and energy that emulated from and through Margie’s capable hands. She explained each step of the process; however, I only heard half of what she said as I drifted off into another level of existence. My entire body, soul and spirit were renewed after the session; the entire experience has had a positive and lingering effect on my attitude and outlook on life. The best part of the experience was the conversation that followed the session, which centered around positive thinking and the appreciation of everyone of God’s creations. This may have been my first session, it certainly will not be my last! If you have tried everything and are looking for something not only different but life altering; try LifEssence Energy Therapy.

Barbara D.

With her Sound Therapy sessions and intuition, Margie tailored 2 sessions to bring me to physical and emotional balance. No exaggeration! I had a combination of intense work stress, close family personal disasters, and my own medical problems. All of this ended in my own collapse. 1 session with Margie gave me the best functioning week in over a year. After a follow-up I felt totally restored. Today I feel creative, fully functioning, and am stepping back into the flow of my life! I am learning to accept that the ‘healing arts’ are a part of maintaining my everyday wellness, and not to wait until I know something is wrong. Thank you, Margie, for sharing your incredible gifts of healing. You have brought me so much energy and hope!

Pat J.